Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pick Out Your Cloud ...

Lion's and Clouds, and no new iPhone, OH MY!

So Apple laid out a clear computing strategy on Monday at its annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC).  What does all this mean for the average user in what's being called a "Post PC era"?

A long time ago, in a living room far far away, people kept their music and movies and box sets of TV shows on entertainment center shelves.  You want to listen to that favorite song of yours?  You popped your cassette or CD into the player and rock out.

A not so long time ago, in a living room just a few days ago, people kept their music, movies, and tv shows on their computers.  You want to listen to your favorite song, watch your favorite movie or TV show?  You fire up your computer and push the content to one of the other devices sitting around the house or hook the computer directly to the TV itself.

Fast forward to this "fall" we will be "PP" post-pc.  In your living room are no CDs, no DVDs, maybe not even a computer.  This fall the only thing in your living room may be an iPad or an iPhone or an iPod Touch or an Apple TV and maybe a laptop.  iCloud will effectively become that large entertainment center shelf or that clunky tower desktop or even that beautiful new laptop you bought.  It's your personal virtual shelf for your media.  It also becomes a virtual laptop as well.  What the H* does that mean?

Laptop's are used to store documents, photos, and back up of your iOS devices.  iCloud now becomes the place where you can store documents, photos, and back up your iOS devices.  What does that mean for your laptop?  It means you don't need one anymore.

So iCloud is a virtual shelf for music, movies, tv shows and it's a virtual laptop/desktop and stores your documents, photos, and backs up your iOS devices.  You    suddenly only have to plug in to power the device.  Your iOS device can be your only connection to the internet.  For some, that's all they need.  In some developing countries, that's the extent of their financial capacity.

Some may see iCloud as just another way to lock in apple customers, but Apple has just freed the most innovative set of devices to be their own animals and still keep your entire life in tow.  If Apple can truly overcome their MobileMe fiasco, they have just pulled off a major computing coup.

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