Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Great Gaming Coup ... to come

Recently Apple announced that they would be refreshing their "hobby", the Apple TV, for the third time ( This refresh brings along with it a revamp of what was called "AirTunes". Now called "AirPlay", Apple couches the new technology as being able to push video and audio not only to the Apple TV 3, but to any other product which would have the "AirPlay" technology built in. If some fancy round-about testing is accurate ( then Apple has just scored a significant coup in the gaming world. Suddenly any ATV becomes a $100 conduit for playing Epic Citadel right on your flat screen. With the compass, accelerometer, gyroscope combo in the handset, one suddenly has a "wii" like remote as well. This opens up a whole new level of game-play.

If a television manufacturer is smart, they will build AirPlay directly into their televisions. Not sure if this eliminates the need for an Apple TV at that point, but it could certainly make the gaming terrain much more interesting. Now all we need is a good MMOG for iOS.

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  1. Maybe the Wii should implement Airplay as a channel application similar to what has been done for the netflix application. Then every Wii has the ability to compete with the Apple TV.